Is US Really Fueling Fire In Gulf Crisis? Listen What Qatar Airways CEO Says

Qatar Airways has established itself as a major commercial airliner in Gulf region making Doha a central transit pooint for air travelers. Doha is one of the world’s fastest growing air transit hub. But recent crisis in Gulf region seem to be threaten the continuing success of the Qatar’s national flag carrier.

Since some countries in Gulf decided to cut off the diplomatic relationship with Qatar and cancelling air traffic permission to all Qatar Airways flights in their space abruptly, many problems have been emerged in Qatar. Because of the trouble and worsening relationship with those countries in Gulf including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, Qatar Airways has to cancel many flights to dozens of destinations. If the problems continue for long term Qatar’s economy could be damage significantly, experts warn.

As the airline keeps suffering from the present situation CEO Akbar Al Baker of Qatar Airways blames that in interview with CNN Money, ‘US is fueling fire of Gulf crisis’.

#Video Credit : CNN Money via Youtube