I Am Okay With Bed Scene If Made Me Happy

Chanda Dahal is a new name in Nepali music video as a model. Her music videos ‘Tarkariwali ‘and ‘Gologolo Ghero’ are recent ones with highly glamour acting and scenes. Her swift entry to the Nepali music industry is now plainly surfaced with gossips.

In an interview (name: ‘Bindas Guff With Model Chanda Dahal’) with Chirinjibi Sapkota of Bindas TV model Chanda Dahal has expressed that she is much happy to shoot bed scene for video as long as she is being made happy and taken care. She further answers and talks about love affair with model Durgesh Thapa in reply to a question. Most of the talks and questions are mainly centered about her being hot, glamour and so on so. Though the video on Youtube already has nearly a hundred thousand views most of the comments are unpleasant while thumbs up weigh on thumbs down. We want you to at least watch and have fun. Make sure you leave your comment as well.

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