Nepal Idol Contestant Kenjal Mehara Shrestha’s Solo Performance

Nepal Idol Season 1 competent and rockstar Kenjal Mehara Shrestha performed her solo singing ‘Bhanu Ma Ke Timilai’ from musician ‘Cobweb’ on AP1 Television. The song was originally sung by Poonam Singh. The beautiful Nepali rock singer Kenjal Mehera Shrestha is gaining popularity among viewers and Nepal Idol judges as well. Kathmandu Gwayrko resident Kenjal is talent, confident, different and beautiful.

Kenjal Mehara Shrestha completely dominated the Nepal Idol Episode 11 theater round 3 elimination final round with this rock song ‘Bhanu Ma Ke Timilai’. Her powerful performance made all judges WOW and got through the round. You ROCK Kenjal !!!

#Video from Youtube (AP1 HD Television, Nepal)