Ma Yasto Geet Gauchhu Trailer

An eagerly awaited Nepali movie of Sudarshana Thapa Production ‘MA YASTO GEET GAUCHHU’ trailer has been released today on Youtube. Sudarshana Thapa Production’s digital partner Budha Subba Digital has published the new Nepali movie trailer on its Youtube channel. Actress Puja Sharma and director Sudarshan Thapa have jointly produced the movie ‘Ma Yasto Geet Gauchhu’. The name of the movie ‘Ma Yasto Geet Gauchhu’ was picked up from the title song of Sudarshan Thapa directed previous hit movie ‘PREMGEET’. The major casts on the movie are Paul Shah, Pooja Sharma, Saroj Khanal and Rupa Rana as only Paul Shah has been replaced with Paul Shah from previous team.

The title song ‘Bhanchhu Aja Man Ka Kura’ of the movie is already being popular and viewed more than 3.4 millions times on Youtube already. Budha Subba Digital has also posted the PLAYLSIT of the movie on it Youtube channel.

The 2 minute 42 seconds long movie trailer begins with conversation of main lead actors Puja Sharma and Paul Shah (2Ps) as an old couple. One of reaction after first look and view visitors may literally ask director Sudarshan Thapa ‘don’t tell the couple again die at the end of the movie… LOL’.

Full Nepali movie ‘Ma Yasto Geet Gauchhu’ is set to release on July 14, 2017. There are two Nepali movie releasing today on cinemas – ‘AADHA LOVE’ and ‘LALTIN’.

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Note: There are only few images of this Nepali movie on Internet while making a Google search.