Goma Air Crash Live Video

Here is a live video of Goma Air’s Flight 409 crashing at Lukla Airport on May 27, 2017 while trying to land during bad weather condition. The horrifying scene of the Goma Air’s cargo plane with registration number 9N-AKY crash can be seen approaching airport’s runway piercing the fog then mishap.

Viewing the footage, the pilot must have flying in low-visibility conditions so he could not see the runway to make a touchdown. Plumes of white smoke are seen bellowing from the crashed aircraft and site of the accident. Separate photographs of the crash site shows, the aircraft’s belly first chopped a tree and then slammed into the mound, breaking into three pieces, near the airport’s perimeter fence.

Goma Air’s cargo plane crash in Lukla Airport is the second major crash since 2008. An Yeti Airlines plane was crashed while making a final approach killing 18 passengers and crew on October 8, 2008.

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