‘Engine Fooked’ – China Eastern Airbus A330 Returns To Airport With Hole In Engine

Last night (Jun 11, 2017) China Eastern Airbus returned to airport with hole in engine making emergency landing. Failure occurred soon after flight MU736 took off on runway 34L in Sydney airport. The plane was flying from Sydney to Shanghai and forced to turn around after engine failure caused a mid-air emergency. Images show a huge hole in the engine casing of the 9 year old A330-200 Airbus which was forced to circle for an hour before touching down safely.

China Eastern Flight MU736

China Eastern said the crew on Flight 736 noticed damage to the air inlet on the left engine after takeoff . The aircraft landed without incident and there were no injuries, according to Kathy Zhang, a general manager at China Eastern Airlines.

China Eastern serves nearly 80 million travelers annually to 1062 destinations across 177 countries. Last month they announced a new plane that will be the STAR of its fleet. Atlanta based Delta has invested $450 million in China Eastern making it the firs US carrier to partly own a Chinese airline.

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