Chapali Height 2 Released Online

Nepali film producers’ favorite Dipendra K Khanal’s sequel Nepali movie ‘CHAPALI HEIGHT 2’ is on Internet now for visitors. ‘Chapali Height 2’ is director Khanal’s seventh project in his eight year long career. The movie was released on August 18, 2016 on theaters which could not live up to the legacy of ‘Chapali Height’ though going over budget than normal movie in Nepali film industry. The romantic thriller movie is produced by Arjun Kumar starring debut actor Ayushman Joshi and Paramita RL Rana including Mariska Pokharel, Rear Rai and Muna Gauchan.

Highlights Nepal has published the full HD movie on Youtube today. Within 12 hours views on Youtube is crossed over 300 thousands. Actor Ayushman Joshi plays Abhiman, a rich womanizer. Paramita RL Rana’s role is a mysterious missing girl making the plot twist. There are few songs including ‘Dhalna Deu Timro Badan Ma’ and ‘Muskan Timro’.

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